Why Do Business with HF Foods Group?

HF Foods group (HFFG, B&R Global Holdings) is the leading Asian food distributor in the United states, with over a dozen distribution centers nationwide. Our centralized purchasing team works diligently with suppliers around the globe to source the freshest produce, rare condiments and finest cuisine products, which means a great deal to thousands of restaurants and grocers that we serve across the nation.

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Nationwide Operations

HFFG is dedicated to serving the vast array of Asian and Chinese restaurants in need of high-quality and rare food ingredients at competitive prices through a localized distribution network.

Cultural Understanding

With a cultural understanding and a common language, sales personnel are able to better design a product portfolio for customers and use a precise marketing strategy to promote products.

Centralized Inventory

HFFG utilizes a centralized inventory procurement system for all the distribution centers which allows for great negotiating power with suppliers while providing competitive prices.

If your business offers valuable, unique or specialized products that serve the Asian and Chinese restaurant industry, or you have been interested in participating in this market and would like to team up with an expert in this space, we want to hear from you. Fill out this form to get in touch with us.

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