HF Foods Group Inc.

About Us

HF Foods Group Inc., headquartered in Las Vegas, Nevada, is a leading marketer and distributor of fresh produce, frozen and dry food, and non-food products to primarily Asian/Chinese restaurants and other foodservice customers throughout the United States. With 18 distribution centers strategically located throughout the nation, HF Foods aims to supply the increasing demand for Asian American restaurant cuisine. With an in-house proprietary ordering and inventory control network, and strong relations with growers and suppliers of food products in the US, South America and China, HF Foods is able to offer fresh, high-quality specialty restaurant foods and supplies at economical prices to its large and growing base of customers.

Capitalizing on its deep understanding of the Chinese culture and with over 1,000 employees supported by two outsourced call centers in China, HFFG has become a trusted partner serving more than 15,000 Asian restaurants in 46 states and provides round-the-clock sales and service support to its customers who mainly converse in Mandarin or Chinese dialects.

What We Do And Services We Provide

HFFG is committed to providing excellent customer service by delivering a distinctive product portfolio built from an indelible partnership with both foreign and domestic suppliers. These relationships, coupled with state-of-the-art technology, ensure that we deliver an outstanding array of products at unbeatable prices.

Operating through its subsidiaries, the group is dedicated to serving the vast array of Asian and Chinese restaurants in need of high-quality food ingredients at competitive prices.

Utilizing local employees from China, HFFG outsources two 24-hour call centers in Fuzhou, China to manage sales orders, customer development, sales promotions and post-sales services. With a cultural understanding and a common language, sales personnel is able to better design a product portfolio for customers and use a precise marketing strategy to promote products.

HFFG also implemented a centralized inventory procurement system for all the distribution centers which allows for great negotiating power with suppliers while providing competitive prices. This proprietary system helps to better manage customer relationships and inventory while providing a solid platform for expansion from acquisition of smaller companies in this fast growing yet fragmented niche market.