HF Foods Group Inc. is a leading Chinese food service distributor operated by Chinese Americans, Zhou Min Ni and Chan Sin Wong located in the southeastern United States.  Taking advantage of its deep understanding of the Chinese culture, HFFG has become a trusted partner currently serving over 3,400 Chinese takeout restaurants in ten states.

What We Do And Services We Provide

Acting through its subsidiaries, HF Foods Group Inc. is a leading food service distributor operated by Chinese Americans. HFFG has become a trusted partner with primarily Chinese takeout restaurants located in the southeastern United States, by providing good quality food and supplies at very competitive prices. 

In 2005, utilizing local employees from China, HFFG partnered with a 24-hour call center in Fuzhou, China to manage sales orders, customer development, sales promotions and post-sales services. With a cultural understanding and a common language, sales personnel can design a product portfolio for customers and use a precise marketing strategy to promote products.

HFFG also implemented a centralized inventory procurement system for all the distribution centers which allows for great negotiating power with suppliers while providing strong competitive prices. This proprietary system helps to manage customer relationships and inventory while providing a solid platform for expansion from acquisition of smaller companies in this fast growing yet fragmented niche market.

HF Foods Group Inc. is committed to providing outstanding customer service by delivering a distinctive product portfolio built from an indelible partnership with both foreign and domestic suppliers.  This relationship coupled with advanced technology, ensures an outstanding array of products at unbeatable prices.

HFFG has over 20 years of successful operational experience and a record of successful acquisitions.  HFFG employs over 400 employees between the distribution centers and affiliate entities, some of which have worked for the company for over 10 years.