HF Foods Group Provides Hurricane Florence Impact

| By keird@xternsoftware.com

September 13, 2018: Greensboro NC:  (Nasdaq symbol: HFFG) Management of HF Foods Group Inc. and its operating subsidiaries, including Han Feng Inc., Truse Trucking and Morning First Delivery  is carefully assessing the potential impact of Hurricane Florence on the Company and its operations, as well as its suppliers and customer and community.   The storm and its lingering aftermath could have an impact on the Company’s ability to deliver to customers and to receive inventory from suppliers.

The Company is implementing communications with our employees and customers starting this afternoon.  Messages will be sent  to all staff and field employees by email and phone.  Field staff should expect emails, texts or phone calls this afternoon that they may not recognize at first.  In addition, we will communicate separately with office/administrative staff in order to communicate internally.

Also, we are going to contact all customers in affected areas to determine their plans for operations in view of the storm and to notify them of the ways in which our deliveries and their orders may be impacted by the weather conditions.

All offices and facilities will remain open until further notice with one caveat.  At no time is an HF Foods Group employee directed, requested, or expected to put him/herself in harm’s way for any reason; business or otherwise. As a company, are utmost concern is for the safety of our customers, suppliers and employees.


HF Foods Group Inc and its subsidiaries, including, HF Group Holding Corporation operate as a food service distributor for Chinese restaurants and other businesses. The company was founded in 2018 and is based in in Greensboro, North Carolina. Zhou Min Ni and his wife, Chan Sin Wong, co-founded Han Feng Inc., one of HF Group Holding Corporation’s subsidiaries, in Kernersville, North Carolina in 1997 and have since opened three distribution centers in North Carolina, Florida and Georgia. HF Foods Group currently employs approximately 400 people and distributes its products to a network of 3,200 Chinese restaurants across 10 states.

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